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Elite Football Betting

  Recent Winners: Ebbsfleet 2.88! Torquay 4.50! QPR 3.53! Grimsby 4.00! Plymouth 5.21! Darlington 7.00!

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Results - Elite Football Betting

Total Results to date: Profit of 7,710 at a yield of 5.88%.


2009/10 season: Current profit of -4,403 at a yield of -14.78%.

2008/09 season: Final profit of 2,319 at a yield of 6.84%.

2007/08 season: Final profit of 1,399 at a yield of 4.57%.

2006/07 season: Final profit of 8,395 at a yield of 22.75%.

Past results are not a guarantee of future performance and Elite Football Betting accepts no liability for any losses incurred. The selections provided should be treated as an indicative guide only and you should ensure you are prepared to manage any losses which may arise. 

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